Jan 12, 2009

700/750 VTG Upgrade for 997TT

Switzer Announces 700/750 VTG Performance Upgrades

A few weeks ago, the one-thousand horsepower bolt-on prepared Switzer SLEDGEHAMMER introduced the world to Tym Switzer and his Ohio-based tuning firm Switzer Performance Innovation (SPI), but Tym wants also the world to know that there is more to SPI than its Bugatti-baiting flagship.

“The SLEDGEHAMMER is a great package,” explains Tym, “but a thousand-horsepower 997 isn't for everyone. The L4 700/750 Tiptronic package appeals to a much broader audience, and with the flexibility of the semi-automatic transmission and mild exhaust note, the L4 Tiptronic cars are as much at home in traffic as they are at the racetrack.”

Switzer's “soundbite” sounds pretty good, but it begs the question: how do the L4 cars perform at a racetrack?

Pretty well! Simply, SPI's L4 700/750 Tiptronic-equipped Porsches can deliver 2.5 second 0-60 acceleration and quarter-mile runs in the mid-to-high 10's at well over 130 mph. Tym explains that “with the SLEDGEHAMMER, we really wanted to push the envelope, but the 700/750 Tiptronic cars are a lot more than baby SLEDGEHAMMERs. They are really their own unique concept and just awesome cars – let's face it: any car that can run 0-60 times neck-and-neck and fender-to-fender with a Bugatti is an awesome ride!"

The L4 700/750 PKG upgrades the 997 turbo with unique DME software, a pair of VTG V3 turbochargers, SPI's MONSTER intercoolers, and a competition-style “full-exhaust” system. “This is a very reliable package that's as easy to drive fast as it is to drive slow. We designed the L4 package to be flexible enough for everyday driving without compromises, and our 700/750 customers are always telling me how easy the car is to drive. They go on the forums and talk up the cars, post Vbox numbers and timeslips – with several cars dipping into the mid 10's! These guys are having lots of fun with their cars. That's what we like to see and that's why we do what we do.”

Switzer's L4 700/750 Tiptronic package retails for 18450USD, and is available through SPI. CLICK HERE for more information.

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