Oct 15, 2009

Miami Mile

This past weekend's Milemarker-1 event in Miami was supposed to be little more than a fact-finding mission for us. We were going down to log one of our customers' P800 GTR Nissans in extreme heat, and see what we could see. It was a bit last-minute, but we went into the event without expectation, and with more than a little curiosity.

This was the running of this event, and the organizers seemed to spend half the morning in the weeds - both literally and figuratively - trying to sort out starting orders, clear the track, etc.

As the people shuffled around, the temperatures kept climbing. One gentleman near us shot the track surface with an IR gun. 140 degrees. We suffered through the heat, plugged in the data loggers, and drove down the track to our vantage point, waiting for the GTR to come by.

This is what we saw.


The Switzer P800 GTR blasted through the "official" speed trap at over 189 mph on its first run. A few software tweaks later saw a GPS-indicated 196 mph on the car's 3rd run!

"This is exactly what we needed to see," said Tym, after I'd finished jumping up and down and screaming at the car's 191 run. "The car isn't even getting over 220, and by the time it's back in staging it's already in the 180s. This is exactly what we needed to see. There is no question that the cooling upgrades are doing their job."

Run after run, launch after launch, the car stayed cool and collected - and the speeds stayed consistently in the 190's.

"There are guys out here like Bello that run around 230 at these events," explained Tym. "They're running 210-215 here, so 196? I'm pretty happy with the way the car is running today, definitely."

We have a full gallery of event pictures on our Flickr page for you to enjoy.

For more pictures and videos of Switzer's cars running in mile events, read our Moscow Unlimited post, or check out one of our SLEDGEHAMMER articles from Autoblog.

Milemarker organizers claim they'll be holding another mile event in January at the same venue.

Miami in January? Sounds better than Ohio!

See you there ...

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