Mar 16, 2010

Switzer's New 996 Hose Kit

This week, we're introducing our latest product for 996 TT Porsche: a new, high-flow silicone hose kit that has been developed in concert with Switzer's ultimate street-driven P800 996 TT Porsches.

These new Switzer silicone boost hose kits use technology that has been proven time and again on dozens of customer cars - delivering cool airflow throughout the Porsche engine bay in the most efficient manner possible to maximize performance.

The Switzer silicone boost hose kit features the Switzer logo, and replaces the factory rubber boost hoses with high-quality silicone and precision-machined aluminum ends for a quick, sure fit every time.

The 5pc. Switzer silicone hose kit is priced at 699 USD, and is available now through Switzer Performance dealers.

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