May 20, 2010

R911S and P800 GTR on Autoblog

Autoblog has been sending some big love our way this week, with not one but two big posts about Tym's latest twin-turbo terrors.

First, Switzer's latest R911S GT2 was released, with a power-to-weight ratio that simply "eviscerates" Porsche latest GT2 RS. You can check out Autoblog's post (with photo gallery) and our release if you like, but the short story is this: substantially more GO.

A few days later, the crew at Autoblog posted the following video from our Swedish dealer Advan Performance, who ran their P800 GTR Nissan shop car against an equally powerful Koenigsegg CCR which had been effectively dispatching all challengers before lining up to the Advan car.

What happened next?


As you can see, the CCR had little hope of catching the Switzer car from a 30 mph roll, and only a roll from about 60 overcame the Nissan's magic traction advantages. It seems that, from a stop, the GTR is a class or two ahead of the Koenigsegg CCR ... which puts the car in some pretty rare company.

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