Jan 21, 2011

Consistency wins races

You have likely heard the phrase before, whether you are bracket racing on a Friday night or hot-lapping at the Nurburgring, in order to know what to expect at every throttle application, consistent power delivery is key. Take for instance the Switzer P800 package for the GTR.

We recently dyno tested one of our P800 packages for the R35 GTR, above is a dyno chart from two back-to-back pulls in less than ten minutes. The difference between the two pulls? 2 HP and 3 Ft/Lbs of torque at all four wheels on average across the entire power band.

Designed from the ground up to be a formidable road course weapon for the stock powertrain, the P800 GTR package offers the greatest value for your investment. With better-than-factory daily driving manners, the P800 combines quick spooling and linear power delivery with acceleration that will give a sport bike a run for it's money.

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