Oct 4, 2011

Switzer Panamera Turbo Tuning Special!

Switzer Performance is now offering promotional pricing for their Panamera Turbo ECU tune that will significantly increase the performance of your Panamera Turbo or Turbo S.

Review the features below:

•    TRUE Siemens ECU recalibration, no additional tuning boxes or harnesses required.
•    Multiple mapping adjustments include but are not limited to: camshaft timing, injection timing and duration, ignition timing, boost control, torque limiters, speed limiters.
•    Improved shifting performance and reduced shift times.
•    Fully emissions compliant, retains full stock exhaust with catalysts.
•    Compatible with most aftermarket exhausts.
•    Retains stock drivability
•    Retains factory ECU safety measures
•    Retains multiple performance modes (i.e. sport, sport-plus)
•    93 octane pump fuel performance.
•    Best bang for the buck upgrade for the Panamera Turbo.
•    0-60mph in high 3 second range *traction dependent*
•    0-100mph in under 8 seconds
•    60-130mph in mid 8 second range
•    100-200kph in just over 7 seconds
•    Mid 11 second quarter mile times at 123-125mph
•    Approximately 580HP at the flywheel (~100HP and ~100TQ gain) depending on fuel quality and weather conditions.
•    MSRP 4995.00USD

The promotional price of $3995 is available for a limited time.

Contact Switzer Performance Innovation for ordering details.

Not enough power for you? Then see our P680 PKG for the Panamera Turbo here!

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