Aug 20, 2009

Switzer R850 GTR Nissan

Tym's turned this shop into something of a breeding-ground for pump-gas monsters this year, with the 800 hp P800 GTRs - making over 300 more hp than their OE Nissan brethren - being some of the quickest of the bunch.

Of course, more is expected in this business and too much is never enough, so as soon as Switzer's customers got their hands on the cars, they started asking for more power still.

"How much will it make on race gas? That was the first question, right out of the box," explains Tym. "We've developed the 'P' packages as daily-use products that wouldn't force you to buy race gas or excessively strain the driveline. We wanted to make an 800 hp car that was a true daily driver, and we accomplished that ... but someone always wants more. We've bent a bit to the demands of those customers that are using their GTRs primarily as trackday cars, and developed a new 'R' package specifically for them."

The "R", in this case, refers to race fuel - as the "P" in "P800" referred to the fact that the package was developed for "pump gas" - and with better fuel comes, of course, more boost, and more power. "We're seeing consistent dyno results in excess of 740 all-wheel-horsepower and 715 lb-ft, pull after pull. Most everyone seems to agree that the GTR has about a 15% driveline loss. Based on that, this kit is making well over 850 hp and 820 lb-ft at the crank."

As with all of Switzer's GTR packages, this kit builds power very similarly to the stock R35, before the boost really begins to kick in above 3500 rpm. "This helps preserve the trans. in the car, but it's right on the edge. The P800 is still the ultimate everyday car. This car, tuned like this, is something else."

Scary stuff. Dyno video, below.

Pricing for the new R850 PKG from Switzer is set at $20990, which includes pump gas and race fuel tunes, as well as Switzer's updated cooling PKG, and features a massive dual-core radiator, thermostat, and revised Switzer MONSTER intercoolers.

Contact your Switzer dealer for more.

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