Aug 24, 2009

Not That We Encourage This Sort of Thing ...

... however, we are ALWAYS happy to hear about people enjoying our cars. In the driver's own words:

Several friends and I were headed back to Cleveland from the Columbus Cars & Coffee. As we are cruising back, a Prelude blows by all of us. He slows down for us, then hits it again. We notice the front mounted intercooler and realize it is a boosted Prelude. When he hits it again, we realize it is a pretty fast car (relatively speaking of course). He urges us to run. He seemed extremely confident that he has beaten many turbo Porsches in the past. Unfortunately, this time he picked the wrong Porsche to mess with. He slows down again and waits for us to pull up next to him. My friend in the passenger seat pulls out the phone camera.

What happens next? You'll have to watch to the end.

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