Sep 11, 2009

New - 996 BEST VALUE Power PKGs

The 996 market is changing fast, and we all need to adapt to the new breed of 996 customers. To that end, we're now offering "BEST VALUE" and "PREMIUM POWER" tuning lines for the 996. Both lines feature aggressive package pricing while remaining true to the high levels of quality we've established as a Switzer standard, but the "BEST VALUE" options are really something else. Consider:

$3995 for PKG1
Switzer exhaust, BMC filter, and DME flash

$5995 for PKG2
Upgraded Switzer K16 hybrid turbos, 5 bar regulator, iridium performance plugs, Switzer exhaust, BMC filter, and DME flash

We're still offering our Premium line of 996 products to those customers that want the very best of the best. You can see more on our 996TT page here: SWITZER | Porsche 996 TT Performance.

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