Aug 25, 2009

Getting Closer: 10.4 sec. 1/4 mile

A few weeks ago, some other shops started posting 10.4 sec. 1/4 mile runs and 134 mph trap speeds and claiming GTR "records" at sanctioned tracks.

We've never claimed our GTR tuning packages would be record-breakers, and we certainly haven't set them up to be drag-racers (in fact, we developed the GTR PKG specifically as a road-course trackday PKG!) but that doesn't mean our 800 hp pump-gas car P800 GTR Nissan can't get down the road ... witness the runs above, consistent 10.4xx second runs at 132-133 mph.

I know, I know: these runs are not on a track, not sanctioned, etc. They're also not too far off that record, considering this is an off-the-shelf package that's been proven in 20-odd customer cars around the world, either!

Enjoy the video!

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