Oct 17, 2010

1/4 mile MPH Record Falls to R1K

9.38 SEC., 156.44 MPH

Tym Switzer's R1K GTR Prototype rocketed across the quarter-mile in just 9.38 seconds on its way to setting a 1/4 mile speed record of 156.44 mph last weekend at NHRA-sanctioned Summit Dragway in Norwalk, Ohio.

Watch the video, below, for more.


Despite having more than 1000 awhp on tap on C16 racing fuel from VP, Switzer's missile remains flexible enough to be driven on public roads, in keeping with Tym's stated goals of building a GTR that - like the company's P800 Porsches - is flexible enough to be driven every day, without asking the driver to sacrifice reliability or smoothness, even in stop-and-go traffic.

Congrats to the team, the car's owner, and to Tym, who summed up the achievement in his usual, humble style: "we spun all through 1st and 2nd, so there's still a couple tenths in there."

Switzer and the R1K will be hitting the track again soon ... expect more records to fall when they do.

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