Aug 12, 2011

Attention 2012 GTR Owners, Your Key to 600HP is Here!

Recently posted was a teaser shot of a 2012 GTR sporting our 1000+HP R1K upgrade package, however don't think that all we do here is make four digit power levels.

2012 P600 GTR at Switzer Performance

We also specialize in more "modest" power levels as well, which brings us to our P600 "Introductory Tuning PKG" for the 2012 GTR.

2012 P600 GTR at Switzer Performance

While it took us longer than expected to get around the restrictions in the new ECU, the time was well worth it. We are now able to deliver a potent, but safe and reliable 600HP package for the latest Nissan GTR, with the dyno testing to prove it:

Pricing for this package is $4990, contact Switzer Performance for more details.

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