Sep 1, 2011

Switzer "LC1" Launch Control Conversion for GTR

Switzer LC1 Launch Control Conversion for 2010+ GTR's, a tech note from Tym Switzer:

For those of you who have wanted to effectively launch your 2011 GTR but couldn't, there is hope.

Yesterday we stopped out to Shepherd Transmissions to drop off another gearbox and wanted to help John with his launch problems in his 2011 GTR. His car is pulling great but has been plagued with the inconsistent launches of LC3. As many of you may or may not know, the LC3 strategy will not permit a launch with traction control disabled. This causes the car to basically pull all power if it senses wheel spin on the launch. While this strategy is very protective, it also makes effectively drag racing a GTR impossible. I had a couple of ideas on how to defeat this a few months ago, but truthfully had set it aside as it wasn't a priority for us at the time. John and I were speaking about his frustrations of not being able to get a solid un-interrupted launch in the car so I dusted off the bookshelf so to speak and we got to work on the problem.

We reprogrammed both the ECM and TCM in the car and we've got everything working together properly so it looks like we're good to go. John is currently running the ProEFI on his car so in the video you will hear a 2 step limiter being used to control the rpm to a lower level than the typical LC1 4000+ rpm limit which is not needed for his combination. Besides... due to the fact that John spends so much time processing all of the transmission builds we, AMS, and so many other shops send in... he's still running a stock gearset in his car. I'm hoping he gets that changed out soon and judging by the fact that there is a sea of GTR transmissions sitting in the shop, that 1st gear may have to wait!

It's great working with John on our transmission builds and I'm glad that we were able to give him a hand with his launch control issues. I also have to say that I appreciate that he never bitches when I ask him to do all of the weird experimental stuff that I ask him to do for me. I'm also going to take a moment and say publicly that I'm glad we decided to work together as technical partners from the beginning. There's been a lot of experimentation and feedback over the last couple of years that's really helped push things along. I'm sure our involvement along with the involvement of other shops like AMS and SPE has been incredibly beneficial for all of the end-users.

Here's a clip of John's car testing LC1 after the conversion today... glad he didn't stay in it much longer...

Thanks for reading... we just wanted to make a quick post and let the 2011 LC3 owners out there know there was hope for better launches. Just make sure you've upgraded that transmission!

For more information, contact Switzer Performance.

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