Sep 8, 2011

...and ANOTHER 700HP Porsche 997TT is finished!

Guards Red Gorgeousness!

Yes, that is correct, 700HP, and on 93 octane no-less! While it may not seem that impressive compared to our more powerful offerings such as the P800, R911, or our special order builds, with this package starting at $17990 you get incredible "bang" for your proverbial "buck." How much bang is that exactly? Enough to propel the 997TT into Veyron territory with a 2.5 0-60 and 0-100mph in 5.9 seconds!

VBox Verified Performance

Enjoy the photos below of the our most recent P700 997TT heading home:

Switzer Billet Upper Intake plumbing from our MONSTER IC's
Switzer Signature Series Wheels in Satin BlackEnjoy!

For more information on the P700/R750 pkg and more, contact Switzer Performance.

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